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Past Projects

Project Namaste VIII



December 2013



Jateswor, Thumki
Kaski District



Manabiya Srot Bikas Kendra Nepal (MSBK)

World Vision Nepal



For the eighth installment of Project Namaste, we decided to go back to Jateswor Secondary School in order to build on what we had achieved in Project Namaste VII. The warm welcome we received from Headmaster, the teachers and students kicked off a great start for our project.


Our student’s education team designed an English programme to equip the students in Jateswor with conversational English skills, thereby increasing their future opportunities in life. We incorporated audio learning through story-telling, song and dance; visual learning through arts and crafts; as well as kinesthetic learning through station games. Such unconventional methods of teaching certainly helped to engage the students and give them new perspectives on learning English.


Our aim for the teacher’s education programme was to empower the teachers to be able to use technology independently and effectively so as that they can enhance the classroom learning experience for their students. As such, our teacher’s education team crafted basic IT lessons to impart computer software operation skills such as using Microsoft Office and Powerpoint. The hands-on lessons and low team member to teacher ratio ensured that we catered to the different learning abilities and IT literacy standards of the teachers.


To encourage the continuity of IT practice in Jateswor Secondary School, we donated six laptops and one visual projector to the school. Additionally, we donated one laptop each to every past Project Namaste School at a conference in Pokhara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI).


Over a short span of 8 days, we finished painting the 60 metres long front facade of the main building, beautifying it with murals depicting a mini encyclopedia of the wildlife in various parts of the world. We also involved the children in the design of the side wall, where every student imprinted their palm print on the wall, below our Project Namaste logo. In addition, every classroom in the main building was given a fresh coat of paint to liven up the classrooms and new plastic chairs were bought for the staff room.


We will always be grateful for the love, kindness and memories we have received at Jateswor Secondary School.



As Mother Teresa once said said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”


As I went into service with this firmly in mind, I began to realize that personal human touch was far more valuable to the kids than any of the things we had planned to teach them prior to the trip. I personally felt that it was amazing how well I could connect with the kids; despite being a foreigner in their country, they were so warm and viewed us as equals, something I deeply admired.


Also, despite not having much experience in lesson planning, the four of us in the team really poured our heart and soul into making the precious few days of lessons we had count. It was great to be able to get closer to a group of people who appreciated and loved service as much as I did and this also strengthened my passion to serve, especially kids. 

Verna Goh 

Project Namaste VIII

Cassandra Tjong

Project Namaste VIII

Leader, Namaste IX

I came to Nepal with a purpose of giving the children as much as we could in the short time there and making the experience as enriching and enjoyable as possible for the students.


Being the students’ education department head, whenever I felt something could be done better, I had to make the tough decision to abandon plans and come up with new ideas despite it being challenging.


Throughout the journey I knew that when I came to the end of my own strength, I’d have people carrying me on and the only reason I could keep going was because I was standing on shoulders of giants.


Teamwork is about bringing out the best in each other and I believe in Project Namaste, we certainly have.

Colin Lee

Project Namaste VIII

Project Namaste has been a life changing experience that I will always hold dearly to myself.


One of the experiences that struck me the most was the homestay we had with the local families in Thumki village. The family my buddy and I stayed with really provided us with care to the best of their abilities; clearing up a room so that we can have somewhere to sleep, cooking sumptuous meals for us and entertained us to their best as well.


I was very touched by their act of sacrifice, one that does not expect anything in return.


This heart-warming homestay experience really taught me the importance of caring and loving the people around us in our lives. 


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